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Strategic Design

DC Is lucky to work with Design Researcher Anjali Kelkar.


Anjali Kelkar is based in Hong Kong where she runs her own design
consultancy, Studio for Design Research. She has over 15 years of
multi-country design research experience which enriches her ability to
bridge consumer understanding from East to West and West to East.
Clients therefore vary from those primarily interested in
understanding the Asian consumer, particularly in China and India, as
well as conversely, regional companies wanting to understand their
western counterparts and consumers. Prior to starting her own
consultancy, Anjali worked for Philips Design managing Design Research
for Asia. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, New York and
IIT - Institute of Design, Chicago, respectively. Upon graduation in
Chicago she worked in the capacity of a Research Manager for external
consulting projects with the Institute as well as taught Design
Strategy and Research Methodologies. Over the past decade she has had
the opportunity to not only publish her work but also present her
expertise at a number of Design Strategy and Design Research
conferences globally .

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